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  • 2-4 players Multiplayer on tablets and phones (single device)
  • Arcade mode added
  • New locations (Arcade mode)

Arcade mode

In Arcade mode your goal is winning as many rounds as you can.

Arcade mode

There are 3 difficulty levels. First 3 levels are easy and you get 1 point for each of them, 4-9 are medium, 2 points, 10-... are hard, so you get 3 points for each. Your score is than post to google and that is how you dominate your friends. There are different types of enemies and different locations. Try getting 10 points, it's not so easy.

Versus mode

Versus mode is multiplayer. You can play by yourself (with bots), with your friend, with 2 or with 3 friends. There are unique controls for 1, 2 and 3-4 players versus.

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Mortal Hockey: Arcade

Mortal Hockey: Arcade

After 5 rounds the player with the biggest score is selected as a winner.

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Published1 year ago
Tags2D, android, Arcade, explosions, hockey, Multiplayer, phone, tablet
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